Your building’s plumbing system is critical to its successful operation.


Without a code compliant and efficient plumbing system, your building cannot function. Our plumbing services provide the TOTAL answer to designing, installing and maintaining an efficient plumbing system. Our extensive experience includes all types of commercial facilities—office buildings, schools, hospitals and care facilities, hotels, retail establishments, and residential buildings.
Our Plumbing Services Include:

  • Operational assessments
  • Design / Build services
  • Planned maintenance
  • Emergency repairs

Case Studies

Northwestern Mutual – 777 N. Van Buren

Job Name: Northwestern Mutual – 777 N. Van Buren
Scope of Work: Design, 3D Model, Furnish and Install a Complete Plumbing System
Location: Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53205
General Contractor: CD Smith Construction Services
Project hours: 30,000 hours

The following is a summary of Plumbing equipment installed at this facility:

  • One 475 GPM – Tri-plex domestic water booster system
  • Multiple hot and cold-water pressure zones
  • Four Domestic instantaneous water heaters
  • 58,000 linear feet of domestic water piping
  • 32,000 linear feet of waste and vent piping
  • 3,500 floor and wall sleeves
  • Over 300 luxury apartments

Project summary:

Northwestern Mutual – 777 N. Van Buren is a 35-story structure.  The facility includes 25 floors of apartments and 10 floors of parking, 8 of which are above-ground.  The 9th floor of the building has amenities such as a swimming pool, sports bar, fitness center, and conference rooms.


The plumbing team at TOTAL Mechanical is made up of engineers, pipe-fitters, and technicians who are prepared to take on any project, no matter the size or complexity. This has led to us being a leader in the commercial/industrial Hot & Chilled Water Piping, Refrigeration Piping, Steam Piping, and Process Piping space. From our engineering stage where we perfect the plan of your facility’s water distribution, we lay the groundwork for a system that will be both efficient and powerful. From there our installation team gets to work on building and configuring the designed system, including installation of hydronic piping, chillers, boilers, and all the necessary pieces to complete your project. Upon completion, TOTAL Mechanical offers preventative maintenance and emergency maintenance is available upon request.
Our Piping Services Include:

  • Hot & Chilled Water Piping
  • Refrigeration & Steam Piping
  • Process Piping


“The HVAC team did so well decided to give their plumbing division a try. The team was very professional and efficient. We will be using the Plumbing team on our future projects.



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