HEPA Filters


The filters can be upgraded to filter out smaller particles to lower the contaminant concentrations

Viruses in particular are 1/400th the thickness of a human hair and require extremely fine filters to catch them effectively. HEPA filters (used in surgical operating rooms) would be required to achieve effectiveness of 99%+ capture rate at 0.3 micron size range. These filters are very expensive (first cost and replacement costs), and unfortunately place a very large strain on the performance of the equipment. The standard commercial HVAC equipment is designed to operate like “drinking a soda through a standard straw”… but changing to HEPAs would be the equivalent of “changing that straw to a coffee straw”… the amount of flow through the filter will be drastically reduced which can lead to temperature issues, maintenance issues, operation issues, and increase utility costs.

wdt_ID MERV Rating Capture Percentage Micron Size
1 1-4 20% 10+ Microns
2 5 20-35% 3-10 Microns
3 6 35-50% 3-10 Microns
4 7 50-70% 3-10 Microns
5 8 70% 3-10 Microns
6 9 Up to 50% 1-3 Microns
7 10 50-65% 1-3 Microns
8 11 65-80% 1-3 Microns
9 12 80% 1-3 Microns
10 13 Up to 75% 0.3-1 Microns


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