Global Plasma Solutions (GPS)


Ionization releases +/- ions that attach to the virus and encapsulate it to “deactivate” it

The ionization units are effective at “deactivating” viruses that come in contact with them. Additional ions that are generated from the ionization units also then travel down the duct and into the spaces which will help deactivate other viruses they come in contact with. Subsequently, the ions bind to any open molecules in the air (not just viruses) so they help de-odorize (odors and VOCs) and clump together floating particles such as dust/allergens (that will settle out of the air or be caught in the filters easier). They too come at a moderate cost, but require little to no maintenance (just brushing the ion tips once a year on some models), and draw only 4-8 watts of power (roughly the equivalent of a 800 Lumen LED light bulb (old 60W replacement)).

Below you will find a United States Air Force commissioned independent lab test of Ionization technology (specifically GPS) against a sample of SARS-COV-2 (COVID-19) virus.

Percentage of SARS Virus Controlled Based on Technology

* Ionization increase the filter efficiency 4-5 MERV levels, ** Does not take into account ionization kills in the space and on surfaces, *** UVC does not effectively kill airborne pathogens in high RH conditions


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